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Voice Feedback. We can use bx & by relative to W & H to determine the position of the objects detected and send it as a text string to gTTS with this simple command. tts = gTTS ("mid left sports ball, lang=’en’) tts.save (‘tts.mp3’) I also used pydub and ffmpeg to manipulate the audio files generated.

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Named Entity Recognition Task. For the task of Named Entity Recognition (NER) it is helpful to have context from past as well as the future, or left and right contexts. This can be addressed with a Bi-LSTM which is two LSTMs, one processing information in a forward fashion and another LSTM that processes the sequences in a reverse fashion. Useful Github Actions. GitHub Pages Deploy Action; This GitHub Action will automatically deploy your project to GitHub Pages. It can be configured to push your production-ready code into any branch you'd like, including gh-pages and docs. AWS cli install action; Action to install the most recent version of the AWS-CLI. HashiCorp - Setup Terraform.

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Although a convolutional neural net (CNN) is used under the hood of YOLO, it’s still able to detect objects with real-time performance. It’s possible thanks to YOLO’s ability to do the predictions simultaneously in a single-stage approach. Other, slower algorithms for object detection (like. Faster R-CNN.

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HMDB: A Large Video Database for Human Motion Recognition. ICCV, 2011. PDF Bibtex. The first benchmark STIP features are described in the following paper and we request the authors cite this paper if they use STIP features. I. Laptev, M. Marszalek, C. Schmid, and B. Rozenfeld. Learning Realistic Human Actions From Movies.

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Jun 09, 2020 · Figure 1: Example input image. The output will be: Figure 2: Object detection and recognition with YOLO. Each bounding box comes with an object type (e.g. person, car, motorbike, traffic light, etc.) and a confidence score (e.g. 0.97 means 97% confident). Similarly, to run the YOLO object detection for video:.

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